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New: Unique Emotional Marketing Tool (2019):


Use the TAUDIENCE MAP to categorize your target audience – based on emotions (emotional systems in the brain) – without any research or surveys.

Instead of building specific avatars – that marketers and advertisers usually did. But, nowadays you need to organize your target audience based on interests – instead of (for example) a specific age.

  • Simplified TAUDIENCE MAP (4 core emotional types)
  • TAUDIENCE MAP (7 core emotional types)
  • TAUDIENCE Diagram
  • TAUDIENCE Example
  • TAUDIENCE Worksheet

⚡ The Electric Eel Technique ⚡

The Overall Strategy for Emotional Marketing

Discover The Magic Behind Building Emotional Relationships.

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33 Actionable, Emotional Tactics

If you like to start instantly – use those 33 actionable emotional tactics.

This is a bullet point infographic (checklist).

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